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Your home is more than a roof over your head, it's the center of your world. In your home, memories are created and experiences are shared, so why not take the next step and transform your house into something revolutionary—with an automated system that exists to make your life easier.

With Island Indoor Climate home automation services, your home can be transformed from simply a place to live to a structure that is the portrait of modern technology, where ease and efficiency meet sleek design.

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At the moment, all of your appliances and home systems rely on you to be active. Your thermostat requires your input to control the temperature, your lights need you to flick the switch, and so on. But what if all of that could be controlled by a single remote or panel, tucked discretely away, clearing up the clutter that multiple power systems create?

Island Indoor Climate is a leading provider of home automation systems, allowing homeowners to maximize their home's potential. From fully automated systems that are controlled entirely by the owner to systems that focus specifically on home security or heating, we are guaranteed to have something that suits your needs and budget.


The first step in the home automation process is to meet with one of the skilled electricians at Island Indoor Climate to discuss your needs. Our aim is to provide our clients with systems that are tailored to them—this isn't a one size fits all business, and so we never treat our clients as though their needs are the same.

Once the consultation process is complete, our team can get to work on your home automation project. Depending on the level of automation you choose, the time required varies, but we are committed to being as unobtrusive as possible. We understand that not having full access to your home during the installation process can be stressful, which is why we work hard to minimize the impact our presence has by completing every project within the agreed upon timeframe.

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From start to finish, the satisfaction of our clients is the most important thing for Island Indoor Climate. Our goal is to enhance our client’s lives by providing them with home automation systems as unique as they are, which means taking the time to truly understand what our client’s lives and schedules are like.

Experience the world of difference a home automation system can make, as well as the world class customer service we provide. With countless ways to incorporate automation into your home, we are sure to find a system that you can benefit from.

For more information on how home automation can add to your life, give Island Indoor Climate a call today and speak with one of our highly experienced electricians.


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